Trivia Night at Politics Cafe

We (Stela and I) heard that Politics Cafe hosts something they call ‘Trivia Night’ every Thursdays 9PM. Being the random fact geek that I am, I urged her that we should try it out! The cafe slash lounge itself is located at Unit 6 Escario Central, Kamputhaw.


The place was already packed with people from various walks of life and to which i’m pretty sure must have had a fondness for Quiz competitions during their younger days. The game had 3 rounds all in all. There were several categories given but they were randomly chosen. Each table had their own marker and board to which you had to write really fast because the time was less than a minute. I had no idea how they could even view which table had the right answer. It was all fast paced and very challenging. Down a couple of beers and that could be your downfall to one answer. DSC_0273

The subtitle says it all.


That’s the tally of scores and I belonged to the Pirates. Each table had a name of their own, some quite…funny? 😀

Our table totally had a lot of newbies just like us. Most of us clearly weren’t used to the fast paced answering/writing. I did my best to help out with the team but all in all it was a fun and challenging experience. DSC_0288

I’ll be focusing on their food on the next visit. The place had a nice look to it.DSC_0292

Too bad they closed a tad early though.
DSC_0293If you’re ever in for some brain wracking trivia recollection then try it out because GEEK IS THE NEW SEXY! For more information, check it out here!


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