Trying out the Berrisom Lip Tint!

Applying lip tints every once in a while was one of the reasons I had to stop because I felt like the need to put it on and go to the bathroom for a retouch was just a hassle. I put on a dab before I go out then leave the lip tint at home and that’s that. A few hours later it just vanishes and i’m left all bare lipped. After coming across these on my facebook feed, I decided to try them out since I read that it lasts for up to 12 hours, was smudgeproof, kissproof and moisturizes!


Some have also called this a lip tattoo. They currently have 6 varieties to choose from. I got the shades of Pure Pink and Sexy Red from Ebay. It took about two weeks to get to me and here they are!

Note: Please be careful when purchasing these babies because there are fake versions of this which can possibly damage your lips. You can make sure by checking out this Real vs. Genuine post here.

IMG_0139I got too excited and opened them straightaway but as you can see theres a seal right there. If the seal is broken or isn’t there, then I daresay you return it or ask for a refund. The packaging is very cute!IMG_0135This is the back part of the packaging. My apologies for not being able to translate. Haha.


Here it is once opened, the applicator tip has a slant to it and you do have to slightly squeeze it out. The pink one had a glue-ish smell to it while the red one had a slightly fruity whiff once you put it on.



  • The color stayed for a very long time.
  • It was definitely smudgeproof  because it still stayed there even after eating and drinking
  • I did not have to do a retouch at all! ^_^
  • I could leave it at home without regret.
  • It had a very natural look to it which I very much liked.


  • My lips had a slight tingle after several uses because of the exfoliation.
  • You had to use a lip cleanser for it to be fully erased asap.
  • The application time doubled compared to an ordinary lip tint beacuse you had to wait 5-10 minutes for this product to dry prior to peeling

Overall. I like it despite that tingle but I don’t think i’ll be using it often plus it reminds me to moisturize constantly.

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