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This is the vlog where I show you what went on behind the scenes with several outtakes, bloopers and the funny parts. It was a four day intensive adventure of going out and about Iligan City with friends! I managed to take all the footage here in between takes. We’re quite a funny bunch and yes I’m awkward IRL. This was taken last September 2016 during the month long Diyandi Festival in Iligan City. I had to wait a couple of months for the official videos to come out before I made this post. The final output for this video was to be used to promote tourism in Iligan City.

To tell you the truth, we didn’t really prepare ourselves for this particular circumstance to happen to us along the following days of exploring (and acting) to come. I was kinda expecting to be more on the behind the scenes kind of girl where the magic takes place but it looks like they wanted us to be on camera. The four days we spent filming were rigorous and call time was at 7:30 A.M. I finish my shift at 6A.M. and our shooting sometimes lasted till 8P.M. and my shift starts at 10P.M. I tell ya, it wasn’t easy but we somehow managed to pull through.

Jumping off the side of a rock face by a waterfall was something I’ve never done before. And yes, I slipped on my first jump which was caught on camera (inserts a series of unintelligible shrieks kdnfdkjfndkfjnhasfnsskdnsd). I also slipped on a rock while crossing a stream (sobs). There was also another scene which wasn’t included because silly me had a bit of rice particle on my chin (hey, we just had lunch that time -_-).

There’s also the part where I got to hold a drone mid-flight while riding a motorcycle. Good grief, I was quite terrified on the inside! The thought of losing fingers on my dominant hand was something I would dare not think about. I had to do this while smiling on bright scorching afternoon while looking at the camera. We had to do three takes for this and thank goodness the final shot came out quite good!

To cap it off, a fly landed on my ice cream and got stuck there and we were to told to lick our ice creams while the camera was rolling. I just can’t do that gah! My friends had their own mishaps as well and luckily for them, it wasn’t caught on camera (except that one time where Yobz slipped face first on the pool though, lol). Overall, it was an interesting experience. Memories meant to laughed and replayed in our head. All five of us had to act like the very best of friends (that was the fun part) which was reassuring in terms of our acting skills.

Additional footage in this video have been provided by Rolly MagpayoAJ Ventura and Yobz Tolentino.

Watch one of four clips here!

You can view all four videos at Iligan City Tourim’s YouTube page here.

Credits to:

Rolly Magpayo (Director/Main Cameraman), Ralphie Grange (2nd Cameraman/Glide Cam Operator), AJ Ventura (Drone Cinematographer), Pat Noel/Iligan Tourism Office (Coordinator), Aj, Meric, Leia, Yobz and moi!
Music provided by the Department of Tourism
Produced by the government of Iligan City

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