This is just a meager list of the places I want to visit within my lifetime and what I plan to do and where to go when I get there. I’ll be adding more things to do and places to go every now and then. It’s in alphabetical order according to country


  • Take a selfie at the Angkor Wat complex
  • Secretly take some souvenir tree roots from the Ta Prohm
  • Do a sunset picnic at Srah Srang


  •  Drop something special at Niagara Falls
  •  Quebec Province
  •  Stalk Ogopogo at Okanagan Lake
  •  Try several teas at Fairmont Chateau Laurier
  •  Gobble up some lobsters during a Lobster Festival
  •  Mingle with my inner spud at the Potato Museum
  •  Go on a 3 hour hot spring dip in the Canadian Rockies
  •  Take an insane amount of photos during a walk at the Capilano Suspension Bridge
  •  Visit the land of Anne of Green Gables
  • Ride Leviathan at Canada’s Wonderland
  • Dog Sledding.
  • Explore the sea caves in St. Martins
  • Go on a giant clam bar dig.
  • Go on a Montreal bagel frenzy for a day
  • Make a baby Inukshuk at Nunavut


  • Take a selfie with the sphinx at the pyramids
  • Go to Abu Simbel during the Sun festival
  • Bottle up some sand at the Blue Sands of Mt. Sinai
  • Eat a Besarah


  • Snap a photo of the London Eye
  • Lean on one of the stones at Stonehenge
  • Visit the British Museum
  • Explore the Natural History Museum
  • Castles!


  • Walk Around the Brandenburg Gate
  • Visit the Neuschwanstein Castle
  • Drink and be merry at Cologne! (Chocolate Museum here we go)
  • See Nuremberg
  • Try the Kasespatzle and of course some Pretzels
  • Have a few beers at Oktoberfest in München


  • Climb the  Haʻikū Stairs, aka the Stairway to Heaven
  • Scrounge for Limpets and eat them raw!
  • Live in the Big Island for a week
  • Take a dip in the Kapoho tide pools
  • Hike Na Pali coast
  • Look through Mauna Kea
  • Poke at lava
  • Ghost hunt at Oahu
  • Explore Kaʻakako


  • Kiss the Blarney Stone!
  • Secretly encapsulate a 4-leaf clover in resin
  • Visit the Guiness storehouse and try out how much a pint really is
  • Follow the ring of Kerry trail


  • Ride a Gondola in Venice
  • Eat pizza in Naples
  • Visit ruins at Sicily
  • The Vatican Museum


  • Check out the suicide sites at Aokigahara Forest
  • Eat Takoyaki at Sensoji Temple
  • Go to  Mt. Fuji’s base
  • Get an all week pass and ride the bullet train
  • Visit during the Sakura season and do a 3 page cherry blossom flower press.
  • Go on a an insance kawaii shopping and toy frenzy at Harajuku while in a lolita outfit.
  • Touch a 1,500 year old cypress at Meiji Shrine
  • Go on a bento box picnic at Osaka Castle
  • Try the puffer fish sushi.
  • Go hunting for weird vending machines and taking photos of them
  • Watch an actual Sumo tournament
  • Finish a bowl of Ramen
  • Try Pachinko and save the metal balls in a glass jar


  • Visit during the Mud festival
  • Make a friend at Lotte World
  • See the Namsan Tower on a sunset 🙂
  • To the Kimchi Museum we go!
  • Indulge in Korean street food
  • Stay in a Korean traditional house
  • Cross the border into North Korea and safely come back


  • Take a group photo outside the Petronas Towers
  • Try the tea at Cameron Highlands
  • Create a Lego town within 2 hours at Legoland
  • Go food hunting at Jalan Alor and try the Char Kuey Teow
  • Hug an orangutan at Sabah
  • Go  on a medicinal plants trail to the world’s largest cave chamber at Mulu
  • Take some cora; during a wreck dive at Terngganu


  • Visit the Anne Frank house
  • Take photos at the Van Gogh Museum
  • See the Rembrandt House Museum
  • Try some of that Heineken Experience
  • Buy Tulips at Keukenhof and then do resin casting or a flower press.
  • Go to the Venustempel(Sex Museum) and see the things they sell there


  • Hobbit hunting at Hobbiton
  • Sit on a Moeraki Boulder at Koekohe beach
  • Glowworm caving at Waitomo
  • Lake Taupo
  • Buy an LOTR at the Weta Workshop
  • Go whale watching at Kaikoura
  • Wanaka
  • Do a Haka in a tribal gathering at Rotorua
  • Do the world;s highest cliff jump at Shotover River Queensland


  • Snap a photo of the Aurora Borealis
  • Visit the Viking Museum
  •  Sing a Norwegian folk song during a hike at Preikestolen
  • Go to Hell and take a photo with the welcome sign.
  • Climb the 4,444 steps with the stairway to heaven and eat Lutefisk later
  • Buy the perfect bouquet at Oslo’s flower market
  • See the Leprosy Museum
  • Eat some Fenalår
  • Visit Fagernes during the fermented fish festival
  • Lick a glacier
  • Reach Trolltunga and take a photo!


  • Try some Borscht
  • Take a photo of St. Basil’s Cathedral
  • Sleep during a trip on the Trans-Siberian Railway
  • Have a swim at Lake Baikal
  • See what’s inside Kremlin
  • Watch an opera at the Bolshoi Theatre


  • Snap a photo of the Matterhorn
  • Pat an Ibex on the head
  • Gorge in swiss cheese at Fribourg
  • Ride the Glacier Express
  • Visit the oldwn Bern
  • Pick out and read a random book at the Abbey Library
  • Take a selfie with the Swiss Alps!


  • Go street side bug-eating for a day in harem pants
  • Take a photo of Wat Arun
  • Visit the Grand Palace
  • Poke the Buddha’s forehead at Wat Po
  • Touch a Cobra at the King Cobra Village
  • Eat fruits during a floating market trip
  • Give Wat Rong Khun some colorwith my vibe
  • Take a Batik course (and make harem pants)
  • Learn Muay Thai (after the harem pants)
  • Eat Goong Ten (live shrimp)
  • Ride an elephant at Chiang Dao Elephant Camp and interview a mahout
  • Go to a penis shrine
  • Climb up Doi Suthep
  • Spend a day at an orphanage
  • Hunt for the hidden head in Wat Mahathat
  • Ask for gory stories in the Siriraj Medical Museum


  • Eat various Pho for 3 days straight.
  • Camp at the world’s largergest cave, Sơn Đoòng cave.
  • Ride a boat down the Mekong Delta while wearing a nón lá
  • Squat-walk a few meters inside the Cu Chi Tunnels
  • Drink snake-laced gin
  • Cruise in an old Chinese junk in Ha Long Bay

Note: The photos used here are not mine. I got them from random wallpapers found on Google. Also, this is a lifetime plan so this may take a couple of years to do or even aspur of the moment!

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