We Push Paraded!

 First things first, what is this Go Skateboarding Day they speak of?

Go Skateboarding Day (GSD) is an official annual holiday conceived by the International Association of Skateboard Companies (IASC) to promote skateboarding. It is usually marked on June 21. It has been on Father’s Day. – Wikipedia

This event is mostly organized by your respective local skateboarders and it’s a nice opportunity to meet new faces and take part in the Push Parade! It’s a parade of skateboarders and longboarders around the city. Since the weather wasn’t too friendly, the 7:30 AM parade was postponed to 9AM. I brought along Leia so she could experience this gathering as well even if she was what you may call a newbie. 🙂

As you can see we became the passenger driver combo (2 girls 1 longboard haha). I pushed while she led on with the directions. It was a struggle at first but we eventually got the hang of it and as you can see we bailed several times but it was alright. Neither of us were seriously injured. I found it amusing how Leia kept freaking out most of the time.


Photo by: AyosaOi

Me coaxing Leia to use the cruiser while I hold on to the video. This was during the beginning and we were the last of the group but that was alright. It’s good that I got to meet new and old faces during the parade.


Pink faced and drenched in sweat. I was pushing for two! What an exercise it was. We went around the city! Did you know some of the skaters there came from distant provinces.


Warming up before their competition.


Good food. Rice toppings at 35php only! I was too hungry that I only remembered to take a photo when I was almost done. Lol. Hello there hun!


Unfortunately, the rain put the competition at a pause halfway by 4PM and most of the winner weren’t finalized yet. The continuation was done a couple of days later.


Iligan City seriously needs a skate park considering that there are so many skaters here. Different courts are abundant but skaters want a public skate park.  If you don’t want them in the streets, then give them a safe environment where they can skate. Most skateboarding injuries happen in the streets. The most common injuries are falls due to surface irregularities and collisions with motor vehicles or pedestrians. Skateboarding is going to happen whether skateparks exist or not. Better make a place for it.


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