What Happens to Magpupungko Pools on A High Tide

Siargao is not only for the surf minded because there are also places worth visiting such as Magpupungko Beach NOT on a high tide (I am placing an emphasis on the NOT there because that was what we exactly did). Read on why…

Forget man-made swimming pools and return to one of Nature’s fascinating rock pools in Siargao. Exposed during low tides, this well-known rock pool is the best place to chill after a days surfing. With its emerald pools of saltwater abound with thriving corals at the bottom and tropical sea life to explore.

It takes a total of about 2 hours just to get to Pilar, we made it there in just about an hour with Ryan and his superb driving skills. There is an entrance fee to the beach at about 50php per person. As we entered the gates, a man in sunglasses greeted us with hesitation and told us of the bad news.

Sorry, no tide pools now. The waves will swallow you up whole so swim at your own risk ladies.

We took on that risk which in which you can see what happened during that span of time. We already knew beforehand that it would not be a good time to visit Magpupungko, but just for the sake of going there, we did. The trip along the way was all about laughs and how mountain formations closely resembled to that of sleeping curvaceous females with smoking loins.

SiargaoD2lSiargaoD2iHere’s a new person to add to our group of happy people! Meet Jessica whom I fondly call Mami. We’ve been friends since our college freshman days. She basically took a solo backpack trip of her own from Davao and came after us!SiargaoD2jSiargaoD2hSiargaoD2g


Just me being an awkward zombie potato



Neptune hated us that day but the black butterfly sent its good tidings


So what does happen when you visit Magpupungko on a high tide? You guessed it monstrous waves that will barrel swallow you whole  and nonexistent pools. The area was very tourist and family friendly with its semi-park look. I can’t wait for my second visit here now that I know what it looks like. 🙂SiargaoD2d SiargaoD2k

The waves were mercilessly slapping at us continuously left and right. I guess it’s about time we gave up and get some dinner. Did I tell you I forgot to bring slippers the whole time? I went barefoot the whole day and this includes going to the place I least like even with slippers on… the market. It wasn’t so bad though because the place wasn’t as icky as you might expect. There was sand everywhere! The seafood there was very affordable and they even sell McCormick spices and wasabi at the vegetable area.   SiargaoD2z1

We had grilled fish and eggplant thanks to our chef of the night, Ryan. There’s a saying here that works quite well for us…


Photo by Leia Khu Bartolome


Women hunt, men cook


I’m going right through the bone on this one. Literally.


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